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Software package for financial planning and developing investment projects business plans


· Financial planning and modeling enterprise activities, efficiency analysis and managerial solutions

· Estimation of investment projects efficiency including production reorganization projects, enterprises construction and introduction of new technologies

· Development of business plans and preparation of financial sections in the Russian and English languages

· Choice of financing schemes and their optimization

· Monitoring of enterprise plans and investment projects realization

· Business estimation (company cost) 


· Full conformity with the RF legislation in the field of book keeping and taxation. Compatibility with computer-aided accounts departments

· Openness and transparency of financial payment procedures, opportunity of adaptation and set-up based on project realization features

· Friendly interface based on the system of cascading menus and the rational structure of tabular forms

· Wide opportunities for the graphic analysis of financial and economic parameters

· Convenient system of settlement and business plans preparations for operating and newly formed enterprises

· A wide variety of service functions including automatic error detection and correction during data input


· To model production and financial activities.

· To model various plans of the original capital formation and dividend policy

· To form financial documents, planning parameters and conduct investment projects efficiency analysis

· To conduct risk and scenario analyses as well as sensitivity analysis upon managerial decision making

PROJEKT-INVEST is an open software product with a flexible adjustable structure of tabular forms and plots 

Openness of the Program allows:

· To look through and if necessary to correct algorithms of fulfillment of financial accounts

· To supplement new tabular forms and parameters to the Program

Flexibility of the Program allows:

· To adjust the Model in accordance with the enterprise features by setting the number of kinds of products (services) as well as current and investment costs, duration and quantity of planning periods. 

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